Okay.. So this is where I thank peeps for helping. A couple of the message boards I have are from before I was even around at all, those were donated by the Foxes..one each. Though Robert was unaware of his donation, I think. *l* Honey also donated several others that I wasn't around to take note of, and I thank her for her foresight.

Also of note, three boards from the summer of 1998 that were saved by Sunrise for the presentation he put together for the first anniversary, which can be found here.. He just needed our settings, but the boards were surprisingly amusing..

Let's see.. Who else.
I couldn't have started reorganizing the site if not for actions taken by Jon, so I suppose a thanks goes to him as well... as horrible as it is to imagine. *g*

My darling husband Al helped with the buttons, as yes.. I'm horribly inept. Or my software is horribly inadequate. Or something. Al also supplied me with the site's original logo and the very first Janeway character image as can be seen on the first few boards, which I'd neglected to keep when I had the chance.

A HUGE thanks is also owed to TeeKay, who supplied me with the location of the halloween character images I was missing..

I believe that's all... if you helped and I missed you (and you care *g*) please just tell me.. It's late right now and I'm probably missing something..